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August 29, 2013
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Sheep Placenta Cream 70g


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One of the major benefits and use of the Sheep Placenta Cream is its great anti-wrinkle properties. With the help of the placenta cells, a person’s skin becomes healthier, softer and firmer through continuous use of the product every day. Since it is a topical cream, all you need to do to get beautiful looking skin is to apply and massage it on your skin where wrinkles are most present. Our skin starts to appear loose and thin as we age because it does not create new skin cells as often as it used to. The placenta cream immediately gets to work by renewing your skin and help restore its natural elasticity and smoothness through constant use.

Typically, placenta creams come with other ingredients to increase the beauty benefits of the product. For example, Sheep Placenta Cream offers several varieties which can have skin whitening properties or addProductsed moisturizing effect.

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Additional Information

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