At Arcane Herbs we hope to offer a wide variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, teas, and materials for your home or practice. No matter how vast our product catalogue reaches however, the reality is that we don’t have everything. But we can link arms with others across the globe who have gone before us or are walking alongside us to make accessible the deep well of Oriental Medicine.  Together, we are so much stronger.

Below are some of our favorite books and video resources to help take you just a little a further down the path toward cultivating health and healing in your home and community. Let us know which resources become some of your favorites too!

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With the arrival of Summer, comes the arrival heat! And this means we sweat a lot. According to to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a little sweating is healthy. It helps to cool the body when overheating and even naturally expel any…
The most traditional form of Chinese herbal medicine is a concentrated tea or soup, but it isn’t the only form. Over the years, Chinese medicine has been made increasingly popular and accessible, available as raw herbs, tablets, plasters, syrups, and…
Yi Yi Ren is an herb that goes by many names: Yi Mi, Job’s Tears, Pearl Barley, Adlay, and even Coix Seed. Under the guidance of a licensed herbalist, it can be combined in a formula to treat diarrhea, edema,…
The world has a vast history of herbal traditions, each of which uniquely taps into the healing ability of nature found all around us. But, there are quite a few differences between herbal medicine in the West and herbal medicine…
Jamu Juice is a centuries old staple in Indonesian daily life. Though most often consumed refreshingly chilled, this juice can come as a hot, honeyed tea when stuck at home with chills, aches, or a pesky head cold. The two…
Ginseng is perhaps the most well-known Chinese herb, and yet it can be difficult to make sense of all the different types and products available. It has such an impressive reputation that it’s name is used for hundreds of other…

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