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Quality Assurance

Arcane Herb® is dedicated to sourcing and providing the finest Chinese herbs, deeply rooted in traditional herbal medicine practices. We prioritize whole herb preservation to maintain the full spectrum of beneficial compounds. While some herbs may seem potent, they may lack essential active constituents. Hence, ensuring quality and safety is paramount. Our rigorous scientific testing ensures the safety and geo-authenticity of our herbs, offering you reliable standards you can trust.


All products are tested in accredited laboratories recognized worldwide, facilitated by accreditation bodies such as CNAS, ILAC MRA, CMA, and DAkkS.


All products are screened for pesticides, microbes, heavy metals & sulfur dioxide.


Our herbs surpass the standards set by Pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China. We measure various quality indices including active constituents, water content, cut size, and color to ensure optimal quality.


Just as terroir plays a crucial role in wine production, affecting the unique attributes of wine from different regions, geo-authenticity similarly suggests that the specific geographic location where Chinese herbs are cultivated contributes to their distinct qualities. Factors like soil composition, altitude, sunlight exposure, and local climate conditions all influence the chemical composition and potency of the herbs.

For Chinese herbs, the microclimate of the region where they are grown directly influences their medicinal properties, taste, aroma, and overall efficacy. Traditional Chinese medicine often emphasizes the importance of sourcing herbs from specific regions known for their favorable growing conditions, as these factors can enhance the therapeutic benefits of the herbs.