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Our Story

We promote holistic health and address genuine needs through herbal medicine. Founded by a leading Midwest herbal pharmacy with four decades of expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), attentive to both individual and practitioner needs. We firmly believe in the forefront role of herbal medicine and care in integrative, complementary, and alternative health practices for the benefit of all.

We offer a variety of classic herbal teas tailored to modern health needs. Our formulations undergo extensive research to ensure the highest quality and efficacy. Sourced from geo-authentic and pharmacopeial-grade herbs, our products are rigorously tested in accredited laboratories recognized worldwide.

Made for Ease

Herbal teas offer a convenient way to consume herbs, particularly beneficial for senior patients with swallowing difficulties, individuals who prefer drinking to taking medication, and those averse to additional medication. They are also favored by those seeking to bypass the intricacies of traditional herb decoctions. Plant infusions facilitate effective distribution of active compounds in the intestine, enhancing their efficacy.

Whole Herb Preservation

Our approach lies in using only whole herbs, preserving their natural integrity and complete form, without turning them into powders, capsules, or extracts. By incorporating the entire plant or its parts - leaves, flowers, stems, roots, and seeds - without isolation, we retain the full spectrum of beneficial compounds and properties inherent in the plant. This approach is a cornerstone of traditional herbal medicine practices, ensuring optimal effectiveness. 


We prioritize selecting Chinese herbs from geo-authentic sources over non-native environments for optimal potency and authenticity. Geo-authenticity's direct correlation to potency stems from the environmental conditions influencing the plant, integral to its nature.

Chinese Classic Herbal Formula

Refined blends drawn from ancient Chinese herbology and practices, with a proven record of safety, efficacy, and herb-body interactions.

Clear and Clean Ingredients

Our products are 100% natural with transparent ingredient lists, free from additives and fillers.


Our proprietary formula contains up to 17 times more herbal content per sachet than standard tea bags, featuring up to 19 unique herbs.

Herb Handling

We meticulously source, formulate, and expertly pack herbs, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all.

Contact us

Your questions, input, and feedback are important to us. Feel free to reach out about anything. We're here to assist and connect with you!